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Nice to see, that you're interested in our movement Trade Your Dog's Prong Collar for Training.

Sonja Meiburg, owner of the Dog School Holledau was the person who's idea it was to start a movement to trade training for owners' prong collars, choke collar and all sorts of shock collars. This idea grew out of her schools summer festival. The idea caught fire when she posted the idea as part of this very festival on her Facebook calendar. In the meantime, this movement has taken on international dimensions.

Sonja did not expect the enormous initial response to this announcement and is grateful that Tina Müller (FreundschaftHund - Gemeinsam durchs Leben, Trainingszentrum und Hundeverhaltenspraxis, Bremen, Germany) took over the entire responsibilities of dealing with the Press as well as creating the first website for the movement. Sonja and Carmen Trautmann (Hundetraining Hunterbunt, Wegberg, Germany) take care of organising affiliated dog training schools as well as looking after the aforementioned Facebook page "Tausche Stachelhalsband gegen Training". Heike Hillebrand (hillebrand hilft hundehaltern, Mobile Hundeschule & Verhaltenspraxis, Germany) is in charge of creating the majority of the texts needed for the movement.

Since it's inception, over 500 dog training schools have align themselves with this movement, not only in Germany but also in Austria, Luxemburg, Switzerland and Slovenia.

And because of this immediate and spontaneous response, Tina decided to regenerate the already once failed attempt at a petition to cause legislative action to forbid prong collars in Germany, having this clause at long last inserted into the existing animal cruelty laws. Tina and Heike are therefore working parallel to the initial movement to raise the necessary 50,000 within three weeks of publicizing the on-line petition. If this is successful, the goal can then be presented to the political body responsible for further action on such public petitions.

For further information about this very petition, please click onto the menu point Petition. You'll find there the actual text of the petition as well as answers to procedural questions.

If we are to to get rid of prong collars from our dogs' necks, from our stores, from internet shops, training establishments and from our street, we need YOUR help.

Tina Müller

Sonja Meiburg

Heike Hillebrand

Carmen Trautmann

The Movement Trade your dogs' prong collar for training is supported by:

- TASSO e.v. (ab Petitionsbeginn)

- BHV (Berufsverband der Hundeerzieher/innen und Verhaltensberater/innen e.V.)

- BVdH (Berufsverband der Hundepsychologen)

- Ibh (Internationaler Berufsverband der Hundetrainer)

- IG-Hundeschulen (Interessengemeinschaft unabhängiger Hundeschulen e.V.)

- Tiertafel Deutschland

- gewaltfreies Hundetraining

- Hundelobby Holledau

- Marengo (ab Petitionsbeginn)

- bvft Berufsfachverband für Tierheilpraktiker, Tierphysiotherapeuten und Tierverhaltenstherapeuten

- dogSpot Hunde-Community

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