Movement: Trade Your Dog's Prong Collar for Training

Bring us your dog's old prong collar and trade it for a training lesson. Originally it was only supposed to be a small summer festival, but there are no secrets on Facebook. So this little local idea has morphed into an international cooperative movement between dog training schools, which all have embraced positive training methods as their philosophy.

Our offer:
Bring us your dog's old prong collar (or choke collar) and trade it for a private lesson.

It doesn't matter why you used a prong collar, whether your dog simply pulls on the leash, barks and lunges at other dogs or is an accomplished hunter, you don't need this type of collar. Check out our dog training style, discuss it with us, ask us any questions you always wanted to about positive training and compare the before-and-after.

All the affiliated dog training schools can be found under affiliated schools

Do you want to take part as an affiliated school? Then send us an email to:

You can also find us on Facebook

We must however expressly say, that we cannot check all affiliated schools/people concerning their qualifications, training philosophy and actual training methods. For more details, check out the web pages positive reinforcement and Markers. Our goal is first and foremost to rid our training facilities once and for all of prong collars and for that matter, all aversive punitive training methods and tools. It's the responsibility for every owner to check, that schools claiming to be affiliated actually do NOT use such aversive methods.

You know you've found a good dog trainer in that his manner of communication with both clients and their dogs is both friendly and patient. If you have the feeling, that your dog likes being there during the entire training time and that the trainer informs you what's expected and understands your needs/questions, then you've probably found the right one.

Here are the requested Logo/Banner and even the flyer for downloading.

Available for everyone, who `s interested in, but please be so kind to link our homepage and write an advice to our campaign. .

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